La Paz

Home of the
Pearl of the World


Welcome to La Paz, where the legendary Pearl of the World was discovered by a poor fisherman named Kino, his wife, Juana, and their baby, Coyotito.  The Pearl of the World was the most perfect pearl ever found.  It was as large as a seagull's egg, it was perfectly smooth, and the sunlight reflected off the pearl with a silver incandescence.
Though the Pearl of the World seemed like a dream came true, its discovery nearly ripped the town of La Paz apart.  But the town survived, and now you can retrace the steps Kino and his family, the fat, lazy Doctor who misled them, and the evil pearl buyers who wanted the Pearl of the World for themselves.  All that you have to do is return to La Paz, and plan the perfect tour for you and your friends.


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Step 2: The Indian Tribes of La Paz Credits
Step 3: The Pearl Diving Industry
Step 4: Changes Over the Past 150 Years
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